What is yoga to me?

Yoga for me is finding fluidity in movement, space in the body and mind and a way of letting go of what no longer serves me.

Yoga was created in India for men, by men. Nowadays in the western world yoga is populated with women, practicing essentially something that was only intended for the opposite sex. Yet often we feel the need to push ourselves to reach postures which were never made for our body types. This can often lead to more harm than good, which is why I feel an adaptive practice is important.

Instead of pushing ourselves to make our bodies fit the asana (posture), we can instead adapt the asana (posture) to suit our own body. Everyone is an individual, with a different body structure, with different needs. It’s not a set of postures suited for one body type, it’s an expression of the body with what is available at that exact time.

I teach an embodied movement style of Vinyasa Flow yoga, where we investigate freedom in movement by letting go of old patterns and opening up to being in the moment.

My own yoga practice has been a whirlwind of events which lead me to solely teaching yoga as a living. It started off with me joining in a few classes at my local gym (as I heard it was good for fitness), to becoming slightly obsessed and to it now being my whole world.

Although yoga started off just as “that thing I did once a week for fitness”, it quickly changed and evolved into me wanting to learn more. So I enrolled myself on a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, only intending for it to help me understand yoga on a deeper level. A month after I had started the 6 month course, I set up my own class, to start practicing teaching and I realised I had found my path.

A year and a half and a few other small courses later, I did my 300 hour teacher training with the inspirational Julie Martin in Goa, India. This was a (very) intense month long course, which took me down the rabbit hole a little further and has inspired me to want to share and learn even more on what yoga can bring.

I’m currently planning new things, so I can bring more of what I love to my local community and I’m very excited for what the future holds.

Georgia Worsfold