Moving through Spring

As we move through spring we get to enjoy the beauty that nature provides through new bud to blossom. It's easy to appreciate this change in season and all it has to offer.

But do we appreciate or even notice the changes that also happen to us during season change? From hibernation to awakening, it's easy to feel a little foggy and unbalanced from the change.

A great way to feel grounded is to come into mountain pose (known as Tadasana in Sanskrit). It's a really simple pose where you come to standing, with your feet roughly hip distance apart and your arms alongside your body.

The grounding comes from the feet, being barefoot and spreading through the toes, pausing here for a few moments and taking deep breaths to allow your body weight to shift towards your feet.

As you stand here breathing deeply, imagine like a tree, roots growing from your feet connecting you to the earth, keeping you strong and stable.

Georgia Worsfold