One year teaching!

ONE YEAR ago today (4th June) I passed my 200 hour teacher training with this beaut and 14 other goddesses! 
Perhaps not something we say enough to ourselves, but I'm really proud of how far I've come 🙏

I've always been very shy and a little socially awkward 🙊
So when I decided to go on the journey of my teacher training, I never thought I would actually end up teaching, I just loved yoga so much I wanted to learn more. But as the course went on, I started to play with the idea of actually teaching and it didn't seem so silly, impossible or far away.

I set up my Friday yoga class with my gorgeous family and friends during my TT to help me practice teaching and it's still going today!
I now teach full time, with 14 classes a week and couldn't be happier! 
And I have exciting things happening at the end of this year with my 300 hour teacher training booked in Goa 😍❤️

Georgia Worsfold