Handmade candles


I've always been creative, when I was younger I used to draw a lot, as I grew up I started making little crafty things and now I'm in love with making candles! 

I've always had a big love for candles, which most probably stemmed from my mum having a candle on every evening. The beautiful light and smell just sends me straight into relaxation mode. 

I love candles, BUT, a lot have so many synthetic products in that I don't want to be breathing in. So on a whim I started making a couple for myself, only using natural products I would happily have in my home.

I made a couple for my first yoga workshop and everyone loved them. So I started making more to sell and I now have seven scents, one for each chakra.

Have a look at my online shop for the yummy scents! 

Georgia Worsfold